About Propath Academy

Propath Academy is a registered after school activity center. Propath Academy is striving hard to create a niche for itself through quality education and effective propagation. It targets on developing a child’s whole brain & stimulating their multiple natural potential at an early age.

It expanded its wings by introducing other courses like :
• Abacus
• Handwriting & Calligraphy
• Vedic Maths
• Robotics

Propath Academy offers a unique 2 track programme - Junior Programme for 4 to 6 year olds and Senior Programme for 7 to 12 year olds. The current trend in the learning capacity is limited, where there is no time to think about the mathematical skills on individual basis. If the child can spend some 2 hours per week, they are going to adapt a new training system which is going to bring about overall development in the child. It improvises on their speed, accuracy, concentration and memory. Our children are the edge over the rest.

Mission  Propath academy pvt ltd is dedicated to providing the highest quality education possible for our students, individuals and families whose lives may someday be touched by those who have come to us for their education and training.

Vision   We envision to educate all children in our community to excel academically and otherwise to meet the challenges that they face.
By 2025 we will
• Be the largest chain of educational activity school
• Offer latest skill-based courses
• Penetrate into rural areas to offer education and skills development courses
• Be the leading women empowerment organisation
• Let our partners grow as we grow financially.
• Be on par with international standards